Hey there!

Thanks for swinging by – My name is Madeleine and I am the designer, creator and dreamer behind Riverbed Gems. 

My love for jewelry, art and storytelling started at an early age. Growing up, I loved to sift through the jewelry boxes of the women closest to me. Trying on big turquoise rings and hearing the stories of each piece that had been passed down, picked up on their travels or given as a gift for a special occasion. There is a unique love language that comes with passing around heirloom jewelry and it has carried with me throughout the years – ultimately fueling the fire of this silversmithing journey.

I have been creating in metal and stone since 2017, learning most of my techniques through hours of trial and error and feel like I have just scratched the surface of what’s yet to come.  There are many ways to create a piece of jewelry and I have deeply enjoyed the process of finding the tools and techniques that fit my style and help to grow my unique voice in this medium.

When working with these precious resources of metal and stone, I do not like to rush my work and try to use reclaimed materials when possible. I take great pride in the quality and uniqueness of each piece, so the collections I release are often small and happen every couple of months. Each piece of jewelry is handmade, built to last and inspired by the colors and textures of my life in the mountains.   

The best way to follow along and stay in the know of when new pieces hit the shop, local pop-ups and more is through Instagram @riverbedgems or by joining the newsletter back on the homepage.


Thank you for supporting my handmade work :)